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20 March 2012 @ 03:37 pm
[sticky post] RULES&FAQ  
FIRST AND FOREMOST: If you don’t write with quality, I will not accept you. I’m elitist like that. But please don’t be discouraged from applying. The worst that I’ll do is decline your application and ask you to reapply, after some practice.
▼ Be courteous. Golden Rule: Treat others how you would like to be treated.
▼ No God-Modding.
Be at least 18+ in age, due to possible graphic material. Please state on your personal journal (SOMEWHERE) that you are 18+.
▼ When playing your character, BE IN CHARACTER. I don’t mind being OOC outside of roleplay. I encourage it so that we can become a tight group of people that RP. But when RPing, be in character.
▼ If posting an OOC post, mark it as such in the title!
▼ To tell me that you’ve read this, please put "Order of Merlin, First Class" in the paragraph section of your application. If you don’t, it will automatically be declined.
▼ No OOC drama. Three warnings is all you get before getting kicked out.
▼ This is an RP that will concentrate on paragraph format for the RP. (Conversations are exception, of course.)
▼ Put mature content under an lj-cut.
▼ For now, the limit for muses is 2 for each player. Three if the third muse is a different gender. (As in, if you have two females, then you can have one male. If you have two males, you can have one female. If you have one male and one female, then you can choose either or.)
▼ If you are inactive for a span of 7 days without notice, the role will be re-opened.
▼ You will have a three day grace period after that to come to the mod and explain what has happened, if you want the role back.
▼ WRITE YOUR APPLICATION AS IF THERE IS SOMEONE THAT HAS ALREADY TURNED IN AN APPLICATION ALREADY. I want to see your best. If I don’t think you’re up to par, I’m liable of declining you. (Sorry to be a dictator, but I’d rather have quality.)
▼ Please have fun. I promise I’m not that much of a dictator. :]